Celebrate the Autumn Equinox and Learn More About it at WildHemlock.Com!

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Today is the Autumnal Equinox 2021, the first day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. While many places have been feeling like Fall since September 1st, today is the “official” first day of Fall.Read More

September 2021 Moon Phases, Meteor Showers, Autumn Equinox, and More Astronomical Phenomena and Astronomy Calendar at WildHemlock.Com

Are you ready for fall? It’s coming in September 2021. I can’t wait to watch the leaves change colors and to dig my sweaters out of my closet. September 22nd is the first day of Astronomical Autumn, or the Autumn Equinox. Closest to the Equinox is the Harvest Moon – click her to learn more!Read More

Too Many Herbs or Supplements? Vitamin Toxicity can be dangerous! Learn more at WildHemlock.Com

Vitamin toxicity is a dangerous disorder which can interfere with important bodily functions. Excessive vitamin and supplement intake can cause serious health problems, including neurological symptoms, endocrine syndromes, and more. Many health conscious people take herbal supplements and extra vitamins – if you are one of them, beware! Here are three reasons it happened to me, and five tips to prevent it from happening to you.Read More

August 2021 Moon Phases and Astronomy. Learn about the Blue Moon, Meteor Showers, Lunar Conjunctions, and more at WildHemlock.Com!

In August 2021 is a great time to be a stargazer. August 22nd is a Blue Moon – but the only Full Moon this month. Both Jupiter and Saturn will be well positioned for viewing, but the Perseid Meteor Shower steals the show.Read More

American Wintergreen or Teaberry or Mountain Tea - Learn more about Gaultheria Procumbens and more at WildHemlock.Com

American Wintergreen, or Gaultheria procumbens, is a perennial, evergreen shrub native to North America from Alabama to Manitoba. It is also known as teaberry, boxberry, mountain tea, and wintergreen. It is used both in an essential oil and tea form, made from fresh leaves. American Wintergreen contains high quantities of methyl salicylate, a naturally occurring chemical similar to aspirin. Oil of Wintergreen, or wintergreen essential oil, contains up to 98% methyl salicylate. Learn more about Wintergreen oil and tea!Read More

July 2021 Moon Phases and Astronomy. Learn more about this months meteor showers at WildHemlock.com!

July 2021 is busy! The first full month of summer is jam packed with three meteor showers, five moon phases, a double lunar conjunction, and more! From July 27th to July 30th three meteor showers will take place. Pluto will reach Opposition and be viewable with a telescope. Check out the full calendar at the bottom of the post, so you don’t miss anything!Read More

Happy Summer Solstice! Learn more at WildHemlock.com

Happy Summer Solstice to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere! It is the first day of astronomical Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the “official” first day of Summer. Click to Learn More!Read More

Moon Phases & Astronomy for June 2021! Learn more about Astronomy and Space at WildHemlock.com!

Are you ready for the start of Summer? First, the far northern portions of the United States will be treated with a Annular Solar Eclipse. Then, Summer Solstice brings in warm weather to the northern hemisphere on June 20th. The month finishes out strong with the Bootes Meteor Shower, also visible from the northern hemisphere. In between there are plenty of opportunities for backyard astronomy. Click here to learn more!Read More

May 2021 Moon Phases & Astronomical Phenomena. The moon phases, eclipses, meteor showers, and other astronomy events for May 2021! Learn more at WildHemlock.com!

May 2021 is jam packed with astronomical events. On May 26th, the full Supermoon is occulted by the Earth’s shadow to create a Blood Moon – a phenomena known as a Total Lunar Eclipse. Before this, May shows us two meteor showers, followed by 6 lunar conjunctions the rest of the month. May 2021 signifies the beginning of the Eclipse season, so watch for a Solar Eclipse during the next New Moon! Click here for Lunar Eclipse viewing tips and more!Read More