January 2023 Moon Phases and Monthly Astronomy

January 2023 Moon Phases Meteor Showers Astrophotography and More Check out the Lunar Calendars too. Available at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com
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Happy New Years! The Quadrantid Meteor Shower will erupt soon to celebrate 2023. A beautiful three way conjunction later this month makes a great astrophotography opportunity. Mars also exits Retrograde – an event attached to both ancient and modern folklore.

The upcoming cold nights makes January one of the best months for viewing constellations, especially the Winter Triangle Asterism. An asterism is a recognizable pattern of stars which is not a constellation. The Winter Triangle is an asterism viewable during the winter months that creates a triangle between the following stars:

The Winter Triangle Asterism Constellation . Learn more at WildHemlock.Com. Source: Stellarium.Org
The Celestial Sphere from the US Gov via Wikipedia

Siruis, of Canis Major, the brightest star in the night sky

Betelgeuse, of Orion, the Hunter

Procyon, of Canis Minor, the Little Dog

In the middle of the Winter Triangle is the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn.

Click Here to Learn more about Meteor Showers and More at the Glossary of Astronomical Phenomena

It’s the New Year’s! Time to grab a new calendar!

Planets with purple background. Learn more about the planets at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.com

Astronomical Phenomena

Conjunction Learn more about conjunctions in astronomy at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com
Venus, Saturn, & the Moon

in Conjunction
January 22 – 23, 2023

Moon Phases

Full  Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComLast Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComNew Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComFirst Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Full Moon

January 6
Third Quarter Moon

January 14
New Moon

January 21
First Quarter Moon

January 28

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

Moon Facts

Moon. Learn more about lunar phenomena and moon phases at WildHemlock.Com
Moon Name:Wolf Moon

Meteor Showers

Learn more about Meteor Showers at WildHemlock.Com

Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Radiant Point Constellation:Bootes
Peak Date:January 4th
Best Time, EST:Before Dawn
Zenith Hourly Rate:120 meteors per hour!
Unfortunately, it is two days from the Full Moon
which may make it difficult to see
Learn More:In-The-Sky.Org

Minor Meteor Showers

NamePeak DateRadiant
Per Hour
Best Viewing
Time, EST

γ-Ursae Minorid
Jan 19Ursa Minor
Little Dipper
3Before Dawn

Planetary Alignments & Lunar Conjunctions

Planetary Alignments and Lunar Conjunctions - Learn more at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Moon Occultation of UranusJan 1
Venus ☌ PlutoJan 1
Moon Occultation of MarsJan 3
Earth at PerihelionJan 4
Moon at AphelionJan 6
Mars Exits RetrogradeJan 12
Sun ☍ Asteroid 2 PallasJan 15
Sun ☌ PlutoJan 18
Moon ☌ MarcuryJan 20
Uranus Exits RetrogradeJan 22
Venus ☌ SaturnJan 22
Moon ☌ VenusJan 23
Moon ☌ SaturnJan 23
Moon ☌ JupiterJan 25
Sun ☍ Asteroid 6 HebeJan 26
Moon Occultation of UranusJan 28
Moon Occultation of MarsJan 30

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