Problems Installing Programs on WINE? Try This First

Programs installing programs with WINE on Linux? Try this!

Learn from the mistakes I just made over the past couple of hours.

And then I noticed something – when looking at the different tutorials, they used different wine commands. Some used wine64 Setup.exe and some used wine start Setup.exe (replacing Setup.exe with the name of the program’s installer). Which is correct?

The official WINE FAQs says that all 64 bit programs should be installed using wine64. Yet searching the wiki doesn’t provide many results about using the wine64 command. Additionally, the official WINE User’s Guide directs users to use wine start. Perhaps it is based on the default configuration?

I had no problem installing a 64 bit Windows program using wine start. So, if you are having problems installing a 64 bit program using wine64, try wine start instead.

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