Boho Lunar Calendar with Sun and Moon [DOWNLOAD]


Boho inspired lunar calendar featuring the sun and moon dangling in the aether. Digital download printable calendar to print at home. Beige and pink moon 2023 calendar with all moon phases. Boho decor moon phase calendar with crescent moon. Moon and stars boho art with each solstice and equinox. Digital calendar is an instant download.

Note: All times are in Eastern Standard/Daylight Time (EST).


Includes a PDF of the following sizes:

US Letter
16 x 20″
18 x 24″

You will need ZIP software (Apple – iZip, Android – FX File Explorer) and PDF software (
1. After purchase, click on the link in the receipt email to go to the Downloads page.
2. Download the ZIP file (“Download” button next to file name), open the ZIP file, and extract your print PDF files!

Artwork © Wild Hemlock Art, 2022. Product may only be used for decor purposes, and may not be uploaded, edited, or use for monetary gain.