January 2022 Moon Phases and Astronomy, learn more at WildHemlock.Com!

Happy New Years and welcome to 2022! Days are beginning to get longer, and Moon’s cycle restarts almost in line with the new year. The Earth will be at its closest point to the Sun, despite how cold winter weather usually is. The Quandrantid Meteor Shower will give a spectacular show with over 120 meteors per hour. The upcoming cold nights makes January one of the best months for viewing constellations. Click here to learn about the Winter Triangle Asterism, the Quandrantid Meteor Shower, January 2022 Moon Phases, and more!Read More

Winter Solstice at WildHemlock.com

t’s the first day of winter 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere! The full moon wanes as the Ursids meteor shower rises to its peak tomorrow. Tonight is the longest night of the year, lasting a total of 14 hours and 46 minutes of nighttime where I live in Western Pennsylvania. If you lived in the Arctic Circle, the Sun would never rise today! Sounds like a great night to relax with friends and watch some meteors.Read More

December 2021 Moon Phases and Astronomy at WildHemlock.Com

There is so much astronomy going on in December 2021 that I had to rearrange my graphics to fit everything! December 4th is a Total Solar Eclipse, followed by nine Meteor Showers! Then winter starts properly in the Northern Hemisphere on the Winter Solstice December 21st. Don’t forget to mark the Moon Phases in your calendar!Read More

Celebrate the Autumn Equinox and Learn More About it at WildHemlock.Com!

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Today is the Autumnal Equinox 2021, the first day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. While many places have been feeling like Fall since September 1st, today is the “official” first day of Fall.Read More

August 2021 Moon Phases and Astronomy. Learn about the Blue Moon, Meteor Showers, Lunar Conjunctions, and more at WildHemlock.Com!

In August 2021 is a great time to be a stargazer. August 22nd is a Blue Moon – but the only Full Moon this month. Both Jupiter and Saturn will be well positioned for viewing, but the Perseid Meteor Shower steals the show.Read More

Happy Summer Solstice! Learn more at WildHemlock.com

Happy Summer Solstice to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere! It is the first day of astronomical Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the “official” first day of Summer. Click to Learn More!Read More

May 2021 Moon Phases & Astronomical Phenomena. The moon phases, eclipses, meteor showers, and other astronomy events for May 2021! Learn more at WildHemlock.com!

May 2021 is jam packed with astronomical events. On May 26th, the full Supermoon is occulted by the Earth’s shadow to create a Blood Moon – a phenomena known as a Total Lunar Eclipse. Before this, May shows us two meteor showers, followed by 6 lunar conjunctions the rest of the month. May 2021 signifies the beginning of the Eclipse season, so watch for a Solar Eclipse during the next New Moon! Click here for Lunar Eclipse viewing tips and more!Read More

Astronomy and Moon Phases for April 2021, featuring meteor showers, planetary alignment, lunar conjunctions, and more! Read exclusively at WildHemlock.com!

April 2021 brings us showers, a bit of snow, and quite an astronomical show! First, the full moon of April will be a Supermoon. This means that the Full Moon Phase and the Perigee occur very close together or on the same date – making the moon look huge! Later, the Moon will occult (completely hide) the planet Mars this month, followed by two meteor showers. Learn more about these events here!Read More

Astronomy Events in March 2021. Learn more about the quadruple conjunction, vernal (spring) equinox, and the moon phases at WildHemlock.com!

March 2021 may bring lambs or lions, but it will definitely bring excellent astrophotography opportunities with it! Before dawn on March 9th and 10th, the planets Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn will be in conjunction with the Moon. Spring officially starts in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20th, irrespective of what a groundhog from Punxy has to say. Venus will disappear from view on March 26th as it enters a Superior Conjunction. Click here to learn ore!Read More

Astronomy and Moon Phases for January 2021! Learn more at WildHemlock.com

2021 starts with a quiet astronomical month in January. Both Saturn and Jupiter enter solar conjunction this month and disappear behind the sun. The y-Ursae Minorids and Quandrantids meteor showers will appear near the Little Dipper this month. Lastly Mercury enters retrograde at the end of January.Read More