American Wintergreen or Teaberry or Mountain Tea - Learn more about Gaultheria Procumbens and more at WildHemlock.Com

American Wintergreen, or Gaultheria procumbens, is a perennial, evergreen shrub native to North America from Alabama to Manitoba. It is also known as teaberry, boxberry, mountain tea, and wintergreen. It is used both in an essential oil and tea form, made from fresh leaves. American Wintergreen contains high quantities of methyl salicylate, a naturally occurring chemical similar to aspirin. Oil of Wintergreen, or wintergreen essential oil, contains up to 98% methyl salicylate. Learn more about Wintergreen oil and tea!Read More

Pinene a Natural Healing Powerhouse for your herbal remedies. Learn more at WildHemlock.Com

Pinene is one of the most abundant terpenes found in plants. It is a powerhouse of natural healing and home remedies, and a major compound in plants like pine trees, nutmeg, rosemary, black pepper, sage, and hemp.Read More

Eczema Friendly Foaming Hand Soap with Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

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