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Deadly Nightshade Chemistry Poster [DOWNLOAD]

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Deadly Nightshade Solanaceae Vintage Botanical Print Poster, featuring Belladonna, Datura, Mandrake and more! Witchcraft Apothecary Halloween Decorations – where the best ‘lies’ have a grain of truth! Based on herbs in folklore. Features the scientific molecular formula and chemical structure of the three main hallucinogenic alkaloids that made these plants famous since [at least] the 5th century BCE.

Note: Atropine and Hyoscyamine have the same molecular formula, that is not a mistake in the poster. Hyoscyamine is the levorotary isomer of atropine, and is sometimes called L-atropine.

Download includes a PDF file for each of the following image sizes:

4:5 Aspect Ratio: 8×10″, 16×20″
3:4 Aspect Ratio: 18×24”
2:3 Aspect Ratio: 16×24”
International: A2

1 review for Deadly Nightshade Chemistry Poster [DOWNLOAD]

  1. Megan

    Beautiful poster! The print came out really nice and looks excellent in a frame in my kitchen. Love it!

    (Review originally appeared on Etsy)

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