Too Many Herbs or Supplements? Vitamin Toxicity Can Be Dangerous!

Vitamin toxicity is a dangerous disorder which can interfere with important bodily functions. Excessive vitamin and supplement intake can cause serious health problems, including neurological symptoms, endocrine syndromes, and more. Many health conscious people take herbal supplements and extra vitamins – if you are one of them, beware! Here are three reasons it happened to me, and five tips to prevent it from happening to you.

Homeopathy, Herbalism, Naturopathy, and Medicinal Botany: Part 1

What is which and which one works? What about Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine? How do we know what to trust, and how do you know you can trust this site to tell you? What are the limitations to modern science? To start to answer these questions, first we need to define what these practices READ MORE

DIY Pain Relief Oil – “Mountain Lion Balm”

Everyone had aches and pains, whether they struggle with chronic illness or not, and every drug company out there has a goop to fix it. These products work great, inside their narrow scope. The product manufacturers would much rather you spend $5 – $10 or more each time something hurts. Instead, you can create a READ MORE