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  • April 2021 Astronomy and Moon Phases
    April 2021 brings us showers, a bit of snow, and quite an astronomical show! First, the full moon of April will be a Supermoon. This means that the Full Moon Phase and the Perigee occur very close together or on the same date – making the moon look huge! Later, the Moon will occult (completely hide) the planet Mars this month, followed by two meteor showers. Learn more about these events here!Read More
  • Happy Spring Equinox!
    Today is the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, also known as the Vernal Equinox.Read More
  • Astronomy for March 2021
    March 2021 may bring lambs or lions, but it will definitely bring excellent astrophotography opportunities with it! Before dawn on March 9th and 10th, the planets Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn will be in conjunction with the Moon. Spring officially starts in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20th, irrespective of what a groundhog from Punxy has to say. Venus will disappear from view on March 26th as it enters a Superior Conjunction. Click here to learn ore!Read More
  • February 2021 Astronomy
    February 2021 is quiet on the astronomical phenomena front, but not on the astronomy field! Rover Perseverance lands on Mars after 203 days of traveling through our solar system. It will land after being ferried to the surface with the new Mars Helicopter. Learn more about this month’s meteor showers, moon phases, and more!Read More
  • New Artwork for January 2021
    Two new original pieces of art are now available in the shop! Featuring bohemian-inspired wall art which can be purchased as instant downloads or physical prints.Read More