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  • Monthly Astronomy for November 2020
    After the astronomically busy Halloween, November 2020 starts off the colder months with a bang. This month’s full moon gives us a prenumbral lunar eclipse, while Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon give us a show on the 19th. Even if the weather is cold, hopefully that means clear night skies for stargazing!Read More
  • Monthly Astronomy for October 2020
    October starts with the year’s Harvest Moon, the closest full moon to the Autumn Equinox. Halloween 2020 will be illuminated with a Blue Moon, the second full moon of this month. Even if you cannot attend the usual autumn festivities in person, there are plenty of celestial celebrations to watch at night.Read More
  • Happy Autumn Equinox!
    While the Earth is at an equilibrium axial tilt, we should try to take a moment and find equilibrium for ourselves. It is time to reflect, but also look ahead to the new year. While the growing season comes to an end, let’s prepare for 2021 and what new eldritch horror awaits us. In the mean time, enjoy these new moon phase calendars!Read More
  • Monthly Astronomy for September 2020
    September 2020 ends the warm summer but beautiful autumn leaves are right around the corner. In the northern hemisphere, Fall begins on September 22nd. The Piscid Meteor Shower peaks on the 21st, and there are great astrophotography opportunities on the 11th & 25th!Read More
  • Green Tea, and Its Role in Autoimmune Disease
    Often we hear that green tea is a wonder drug: it prevent cancer, it prevents dementia, it prevents degenerative diseases, it clears your skin, itRead More