Moon Phases, Lunar Eclipse, and more for November 2022

November 2022 gifts us with a Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th followed by the Leonids Meteor Shower on the 17th. Shortly after the Lunar Eclipse, Uranus is at Opposition to the Sun. If the bright Moon does not cloud your view, that night will be a great time to see Uranus with a telescope. Keep reading to find out more about this month’s meteor showers and lunar conjunctions!

October 2022 Moon Phases, Meteor Showers, and More

October 2022 is full of spectacles! The New Moon on October 25th brings a Partial Solar Eclipse visible to those in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Greenland. There are seven meteor showers this month! Although most are quite slow, the Orionid Meteor Shower on October 21st will be a treat. Click here to learn more!

Moon Phases, Harvest Moon, Autumn Equinox and More for September 2022

It’s September again! Although it is sad to see Summer go, there is generally a lot more Astronomy to see in the Autumn and Winter months. Speaking of Autumn, the Autumnal Equinox is September 22nd. The Harvest Moon shines on September 10th this year. Will you continue to harvest after dark? Keep reading to learn more about this month’s Meteor Showers and Planetary Alignments for astrophotography opportunities!

May 2022 Moon Phases, Meteor Showers, Eclipses, and More!

Happy May Day 2022! May is an exciting month in the skies – and a great time to get outdoors in the warm weather! On May 16th a Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible in the Americas, Eastern Europe, and most of Africa. The η-Aquariid Meteor Shower peaks on May 6th, showcasing debris from Halley’s Comet. Mars and Jupiter are both in Geocentric Conjunction with the Moon on May 24th. Click here for a Lunar Eclipse timeline, map, and more!

April 2022 Moon Phases & More

April, the first full month of Spring 2022, is here – bringing with it green plants and crocus flowers up here in the northern US. We have five moon phases in April in the Eastern Time Zones – including two New Moons, or a Black Moon. Two meteor showers will be visible this month as well, the Lyrid and π-Puppid later this month. April culminates with a Partial Solar Eclipse, the Sun being occulted by the Black Moon. Click here to learn more!

Happy Spring 2022!

Happy First Day of Spring! or Vernal Equinox, a “Quarter Day” of the Earth’s revolution around the sun. The day and night cycle is close to equal – about 12 hours and 10 minutes of sunlight here in Western Pennsylvania today. Today is halfway between the [approximately] longest day of the year in June and the shortest day in December. Flora and fauna are waking from their winter dormancy.

March 2022 Moon Phases, Equinox, and More

Beware the Ides of March! March 2022 finally brings us to Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. We have one meteor shower, but many conjunctions! March will be a great month for astrophotography. Keep reading to learn about March’s Moon Phases, Meteor Showers, a solar conjunction, five geocentric conjunctions, and four lunar conjunctions!