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Natural and Alternative Health options have become very popular in the past few years. Information about different schools of thought on healing have been made more accessible and available to mainstream populations. This allows patients to learn and make more educated decisions regarding their health, but it has also allowed for many charlatans to take advantage of people’s interests. The most well-intentioned blog may accidentally spread misleading remedies which may delay healing, or worse, harm.

Vague, confusing, and incorrect information can be especially dangerous for people who live with chronic illness. Medicinal herbs and natural remedies can work and that same effective ingredient can also harm at the same time. The medicine from the doctor’s office can cause side effects and bad reactions: why wouldn’t medicine from the woods? Or the sea? Or the sand? These same beneficial plants, yoga poses, and remedies can exacerbate medical conditions or cause new ones if you are not careful.

The best way to fight disinformation is information. Before I lost the ability to work full time due to chronic illness, I worked in information. I made a career of managing clinical trial data and databases. I learned how to interpret trial protocols and journal articles to evaluate statistical data. The skills to evaluate pharmacological data translate well to measuring remedies, herbs, supplements, and exercises.

Therefore I use these skills to separate the most correct from the disingenuous, and share the best information as I learn it. Many pages may be continuously be updated as more information is found – so check back often!

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