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April 2023 Moon Phases, Hybrid Solar Eclipse, Meteor Showers, and More! Read more at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com
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April 2023 has a special treat for us – a rare solar eclipse called a Hybrid Eclipse is set to take place on April 20th. A Hybrid Eclipse is also known as a Triple Eclipse. Later this month will be a great time to spot the dwarf planet Haumea and the asteroid Iris.

A Hybrid Solar Eclipse is named such because a Total Solar Eclipse, an Annular Solar Eclipse, and a Partial Solar Eclipse occur at the same time. This is also where it gets the name “Triple Eclipse.” These types of solar eclipses occur while the Moon is farther away from the Earth, allowing the Antumbra shadow to form. This shadow starts where the Umbra shadow of the Moon ends.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse, Triple Eclipse, Total/Annular Eclipse. Learn more about this rare eclipse at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com

In the center of the Umbra, the Total Solar Eclipse will be visible. Just outside the Umbra, in the Antumbra, the Annular Solar Eclipse will be visible. In other places on the planet, only the Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible. The unique aspect of this eclipse is that all three of these will be visible at the same time.

Typically, The Moon is close enough to the Earth that the Antumbra is not formed as the shadows overlap from the Sun. This month, the Eclipse occurs close to the Moon’s apogee, as well as traveling near the lower regions of the planet. The eclipse will only be visible in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Since they are so far away from the equator, this [slightly] increases the angle at which the eclipse is visible.

Hybrid Eclipse Diagram for April 20 2023 by NASA. Read more at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com
Map via NASA, Learn more here

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Astronomical Phenomena

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Hybrid Eclipse

Annular, Total, and Partial Solar Eclipse Simultaneously

April 20

Moon Phases

Full  Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComLast Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComNew Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComFirst Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Full Moon

April 6
Third Quarter Moon

April 13
New Moon

April 20
First Quarter Moon

April 27

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

Moon Facts

Moon. Learn more about lunar phenomena and moon phases at WildHemlock.Com
Moon Name:Pink Moon

Meteor Showers

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Minor Meteor Showers

NamePeak DateRadiant
Per Hour
Best Viewing
Time, EST
LyridApr 23Hercules18Before Dawn
π-PuppidApril 24thPuppisfewAs soon as dusk sets

Planetary Alignments & Lunar Conjunctions

Planetary Alignments and Lunar Conjunctions - Learn more at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Sun ☌ JupiterApr 11
Sun ☌ ErisApr 14
Moon ☌ SaturnApr 15
Sun ☍ HuameaApr 20
Moon ☌ MercuryApr 21
Moon ☌ VenusApr 23
Moon ☌ MarsApr 25
Sun ☍ IrisApr 30

April 2023

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