Moon Phases and Astronomy for March 2023

Moon Phases and Astronomy for March 2023 Only at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com
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This month, there are many Geocentric Conjunctions to view as well as the passage of time into Spring. The Vernal Equinox occurs on March 20th, 2023, marking the First Day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Tomorrow, March 2nd, there will be a double Geocentric Conjunction! Astrophotographers and amateur astronomers alike can catch both Mercury and Saturn together while Venus and Jupiter are also in conjunction. Later this month, Mars is in conjunction with the First Quarter Moon. I am sure there will be lots of great pictures of that!

The Celestial Sphere. Learn more about it and other astronomy facts at WildHemlock.Com!
The Celestial Sphere from the US Gov via Wikipedia

On March 20th, the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator once again, following its Ecliptic Path across the sky. This point is called the Vernal, or Spring Equinox. The Axial Tilt of the Earth is now parallel to the Sun, so that our planet is neither tilting towards or away from the Sun. This results in approximately equal hours of night and day, giving the Equinox its name.

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It’s Almost Spring! Time to grab a new calendar!

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Astronomical Phenomena

Vernal Equinox - Learn More at WildHemlock.Com
Vernal Equinox

First Day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere

March 20

Moon Phases

Full  Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComLast Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComNew Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComFirst Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Full Moon

March 7
Third Quarter Moon

March 14
New Moon

March 21
First Quarter Moon

March 28

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

Moon Facts

Moon. Learn more about lunar phenomena and moon phases at WildHemlock.Com
Moon Name:Worm Moon

Meteor Showers

Learn more about Meteor Showers at WildHemlock.Com

Minor Meteor Showers

NamePeak DateRadiant
Per Hour
Best Viewing
Time, EST
γ-NormidMar 15Centaurus6Only visible after 4:30 AM EST

Planetary Alignments & Lunar Conjunctions

Planetary Alignments and Lunar Conjunctions - Learn more at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Mercury ☌ SaturnMar 2
Venus ☌ JupiterMar 2
Sun ☌ NeptuneMar 15
Sun ☌ Mercury (Superior)Mar 17
Moon ☌ SaturnMar 19
Sun ☍ CeresMar 21
Moon ☌ JupiterMar 22
Moon Occultation of VenusMar 24
Moon ☌ MarsMar 28
Venus ☌ UranusMar 31

March 2023

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