Moon Phases & Astronomy for June 2022

Moon Phases and Astronomy for June 2022 only at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com
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Moon Phases and Astronomy for June 2022 only at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com

Happy June and the “unofficial” start of Summer! Memorial Day is winding down and we’re all looking forward to warmer weather this summer – Starting with the Summer Solstice on June 21st!

The summer solstice occurs when the Sun and Earth are at Solstice and the Sun’s elliptic pathway is in the observer’s hemisphere. At the same time, the opposite hemisphere is having its winter solstice. During the Summer Solstice, the day is the longest it will be all year. It occurs near June 21st in the northern hemisphere and signals the start of summer. The most direct sunlight (shadows with a 90° angle at noon) is at the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere. Read more in the Glossary of Astronomical Phenomena!

This leads to some cool anomalies. Today in the Arctic Circle, the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun can be observed. Due to the Earth’s atmosphere’s ability to bend light waves, the Sun can be visible during midnight south of the Arctic Circle as well.

Diagram of the Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice, and Vernal Equinox during the Earth's Orbit around the Sun. Learn More at WildHemlock.Com!

The Bootids Meteor Shower will radiate from the Bootes constellation. Bootes is located between the Big Dipper and Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere will only need to lay down on the ground to watch! The best time will be after dark on June 27th.

Click Here to Learn more about the Summer Solstice, Meteor Showers, and More at the Glossary of Astronomical Phenomena

Table of Contents

Moon Phases

Moon Facts

Meteor Showers

Planetary Alignments

Moon Phase Calendar

Check out the Glossary of Astronomical Events if you need any explanations!

Astronomical Phenomena

Summer Solstice Learn more about the June Solstice at Wild Hemlock WildHemlock.Com
Summer Solstice

First Day of Summer in Northern Hemisphere

June 21st, 2022

Moon Phases

First Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComFull  Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComLast Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComNew Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
First Quarter Moon

June 7th
Full Moon

June 14th
Third Quarter Moon

June 20th
New Moon

June 28th

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

Moon Facts

Moon. Learn more about lunar phenomena and moon phases at WildHemlock.Com
Apogee:1st, 29th
Descending Node:12th
Ascending Node:25th
Moon Name:Full Strawberry Moon

Meteor Showers

Learn more about Meteor Showers at WildHemlock.Com

Arietid Meteor Shower Meteor Shower

Radiant Point Constellation:Aries
Peak Date:June 10th
Best Time, EST:Before Dawn
Direction to Look:Northwest Close to Horizon
Learn More:In-The-Sky.Org

Bootid Meteor Shower Meteor Shower

Radiant Point Constellation:Bootes
Peak Date:June 27th
Best Time, EST:After Dusk
Direction to Look:Northeast
Learn More:In-The-Sky.Org

Planetary Alignments & Lunar Conjunctions

Planetary Alignments and Lunar Conjunctions - Learn more at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Saturn Enters Retrograde ℞June 4
☄ Arietid Meteor ShowerJune 10
Venus ☌ UranusJune 11
Moon ☌ SaturnJune 18
☀ Summer SolsticeJune 21
Moon ☌ JupiterJune 21
Moon Occultation of MarsJune 22
Moon Occultation of UranusJune 24
Moon ☌ VenusJune 26
☄ Arietid Meteor ShowerJune 27
Moon ☌ MercuryJune 27
Neptune Enters Retrograde ℞June 28

June 2022

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