Moon Phases, Harvest Moon, Autumn Equinox and More for September 2022

Moon Phases, Harvest Moon, Autumn Equinox, and More for September 2022! Learn more at Wild Hemlock
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It’s September again! Summer is waning (although the temperatures sure aren’t), lightning bugs are harder to find, and the fall mushrooms are starting to fruit. Although it is sad to see Summer go, there is generally a lot more Astronomy to see in the Autumn and Winter months. Speaking of Autumn, the Autumnal Equinox is September 22nd. The Harvest Moon shines on September 10th this year. Will you continue to harvest after dark? Keep reading to learn more about this month’s Meteor Showers and Planetary Alignments for astrophotography opportunities!

The intersection of the celestial equator and the sun’s ecliptic pathway in it’s southern descent towards the tropic of Capricorn. At this time, the Earth’s axial tilt is facing neither toward nor away from the sun, and there is approximately 12 hours of daylight and nighttime (at the equator).

The Celestial Sphere. Learn more about it and other astronomy facts at WildHemlock.Com!
The Celestial Sphere from the US Gov via Wikipedia

This sounds technical, but it only means that during the Earth’s uneven orbit, it is halfway between its high point and its low point. The sun is directly shining on the Equator, in the middle. During its high point, the Summer Solstice, the sun is most powerful on the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere. During its low point, the Winter Solstice, the sun’s most direct rays are on the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere. During the Vernal (Spring) and Autumn (Fall) Equinoxes, the Equator experiences 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night time.

The closest Full Moon to the Autumn Equinox is known as the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon typically appears brighter, larger, and orange-tinted. The moon rises much quicker than usual, leading to a bright night that farm workers can utilize to continue the Harvest into the evening. According to EarthSky, this happens because the Moon has the lowest orbit of the year as viewed from the Earth. The atmosphere is thicker and more water saturated near the horizon, which causes the Moon to appear larger and red orange.

Click Here to Learn more about Meteor Showers and More at the Glossary of Astronomical Phenomena

Planets with purple background. Learn more about the planets at Wild Hemlock

Astronomical Phenomena

Vernal Equinox - Learn More at WildHemlock.Com
Autumn Equinox

First Day of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere

September 22, 2022

Moon Phases

First Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComFull  Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComLast Quarter Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.ComNew Moon. Learn more about the Moon at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
First Quarter Moon

September 3rd
Full Moon

Harvest Moon

September 10th
Third Quarter Moon

September 17th
New Moon

September 25th

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

Moon Facts

Moon. Learn more about lunar phenomena and moon phases at WildHemlock.Com
Descending Node:1st, 28th
Ascending Node:14th
Moon Name:Harvest Moon,
Full Corn Moon

Meteor Showers

Learn more about Meteor Showers at WildHemlock.Com

Aurigid Meteor Shower

Radiant Point Constellation:Auriga
Peak Date:Thursday, September 1st
Best Time, EST:Before Dawn
Direction to Look:Up towards Zenith
Learn More:In-The-Sky.Org

ε-Perseid Meteor Shower

Radiant Point Constellation:Perseus
Peak Date:Friday, September 9th
Best Time, EST:Before 5 AM EST
Direction to Look:North
Learn More:In-The-Sky.Org

Sextantid Meteor Shower

Radiant Point Constellation:Sextans
Peak Date:Tuesday, September 27th
Best Time, EST:Before Dawn
Direction to Look:West North West
Learn More:In-The-Sky.Org

Planetary Alignments & Lunar Conjunctions

Planetary Alignments and Lunar Conjunctions - Learn more at Wild Hemlock, WildHemlock.Com
Moon ☌ SaturnSeptember 8
Moon ☌ JupiterSeptember 11
Moon ☌ UranusSeptember 14
Moon ☌ MarsSeptember 16
Neptune ☍ SunSeptember 16
Autumnal EquinoxSeptember 22
Jupiter ☍ SunSeptember 26

September 2022

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